What's happening

What’s happening
Above photograph by Laszlo Moholy Nagy.






1. complete absence of sound : M-SEW had withdrawn into silence working on the upcoming SS15 collection so much so that time flew like the wind.

2. the avoidance of mentioning or discussing something : M-SEW kept quiet on the next collection, UNINTENTIONALLY.

Definitions according to Oxford’s American Dictionary on my Apple dashboard – mind you the examples are not in there. :)

Yes time has flown once again. From sorting out the lookbook shoot for the début collection, then in April, taking part in the  ELEVON fashion show in Newcastle, then setting up M-SEW officially, finalizing the website, opening up the online shop……… ETC.

Now I’m straight into the new collection! Barely been able to look up and breathe! So now that breathing has commenced once again, an update is in order.

The new Spring Summer 2015 collection entitled “Cup Match Runnings” is a tribute to Bermuda, one of Britain’s oldest self-governing colonies. Based on the traditional cricket game of Bermuda where the East side of the island (St.Georges) plays against the West (Somerset). It’s a different type of cricket. Cricket whites are still present yet the vibe around the game is completely different to your standard British game.

cricket balls

I will elaborate further on the background of the collection in my next post. Expect more than just white!

Also as it is almost September, that means it’s about that time for fashion week!  And saying hi to school runs, traffic jams and school children on the morning commute. Despite all of that there will be some surprises from us at M-SEW that you wouldn’t want to miss out on such as competitions and the odd pop quiz.


So, with the silence successfully silenced itself, till next week Wednesday (yes, I’ve set a date. So I’ll pick you up at 8 or earlier… :| ).