Where's my small souvenir?

Where’s my small souvenir?

No this isn’t a post about jet-setting to foreign land even though the social scene has been a better look lately. Finding a balance is necessary whilst working almost non stop on your own creative endeavours, without a breather or some time off you’ll surely burn out! Definitely a learning curve as last week ended up being too social… (oops) But it’s all good! :)

What’s the small souvenir referring to you ask? Getting back to the point, I’m talking about the small souvenir necklaces from the Elevon show in April. What happened to them? Weren’t they supposed to be available for sale?? Yes of course! They’ll be available online as of next Wednesday on the M-SEW online shop, a lovely addition to the current collection pieces.

Also, a heads up as we have some competitions in store that will take place in the near future. Don’t want to miss out and be sure to follow us on our Facebook pageto keep updated. Even tell a friend about us, the more to take part the merrier!


Until next week,