III: Style your M-SEW

 Part three of Style your M-SEW.


I love sweat.


Sweatshirts that is! They're just a good and cozy basic choice! Ones with bold graphics added are a must as they're perfect when you want to throw a look together in record time!


The newest addition to M-SEW is the long tail/moongate badge sweatshirt based on the badges featured in the SS15 Cup Match Runnings collection. Whilst I was in Bermuda I had the opportunity to sell some at a local event - Home Grown Alternatives in Paget - which was great! Many people I know from "way back when" came down to see what I've been up to since I've been away from home, and to say hi (of course!) The tops definitely went down well as I've come back to the UK with almost none! Also, if you're wondering if it gets cold in BDA... yes. It does get chilly enough.


Once more, Perri has put together two stylish looks with the M-SEW sweatshirt!



These looks aren't necessarily for day and night, just ways to wear the top. Casually worn with shorts and knee high boots, then switched up with a leather skirt, denim jacket and fuzzy heels. Why not play around with your M-SEW?


I'm sure you've all enjoyed the "Style your M-SEW" series with Perri and be sure to subscribe to the M-SEW mailing list. You will be the first to know about when new items - in this case the sweatshirt - will be available in the online shop.




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