II: Style your M-SEW

Orange is a bold colour, it's definitely one that pops! The orange trench coat, with added volume in the body - featured in the M-SEW AW14 collection - is one of those key pop colour pieces to have. In the look book, the trench is paired with a white roll neck top and the orange hulk hip leather trousers. A killer look as it is but the individual pieces are perfect to play with when it comes to styling different looks!

In the above images, the way Perri styled the trench coat is stunning. I am one that loves contrasting colours within a look, and this is one way to do it. The orange boldly stands out from the blues and the leopard print heels, ties everything together effortlessly. You could get away with this look for the whole day!

The white top, also from the M-SEW AW14 collection, is another piece that is styled in the look book in a wearable way.  The only catch is that the look is all white with the exception of an arrow print on one leg. I'm sure that one would want to play around with the look a bit. But how would you go about it? Hmm...

Why not wear the top with black leggings? But in this case adding some sparkle with a statement neck piece is a playful change to the original styling, don't you agree? Add some silver accessories to tie with the sparkle and simple heels that don't distract from the look and you're good to go! As the top has added volume to the body, be sure to enjoy it's drama when wearing it!


Have fun wearing your M-SEW and part three is on it's way!




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