VI: Style your M-SEW

Lately there's been a buzz around the 70s look for this Spring/Summer season that's around the corner - finally (yay!). Be it with flared leg trousers or a psychedelic colour palette and in some cases, jumpsuits. On the topic of jumpsuits, they can be an absolute blessing to have when it comes to throwing an outfit together and in this case the M-SEW metallic leather jumpsuit is easy to dress up and down. Put a jacket on over it along with some accessories and you're good to go in record time!

The jumpsuit has been styled with an oversized denim jacket, cute woollen hat and white block heels. As the homepage says you will "Turn heads with leather" - literally! Of course you can play around with the jumpsuit and change it up to suit you as it is simple to play with. Everyone should have a good jumpsuit, why not a metallic leather one?


 Hope you've enjoyed this one and keep styling your M-SEW!