Bermuda Fashion Festival 2015

The fashion festival has been going for seven years with the City of Hamilton. July 2015, M-SEW entered into the Bermuda Fashion Festival with the Cup Match Runnings collection. To be able to show in the show 6 new looks had to be made.

I was surprised to hear that Shiona Turini would be on board to organize the show. I've been recently following her Instagram and as a Creative Consultant, Freelance Fashion Editor and Stylist based in New York City with recent clients including Amazon Fashion, Salvatore Ferragamo and the Bermuda Tourism Authority the show was in exceptional hands.


The stage is set

All ready and waiting for the show to start

  Backstage with hair and make-up

Models fully dressed & ready to walk

Each designer was teamed up with a mentor from New York, who worked in the fashion industry. My mentor, Danielle Prescodd, fashion editor at ELLE Magazine, was great to work with and assisted with the development of the new looks along with styling for the shoot. Check out the new looks here.

I remember someone mentioning the local designer showcase and that in 2014 one of the designers was chosen to show in the Bahamas. Just so happened that this time one of the designers would be chosen to show in New York Fashion Week as one of the designers for the Harlem’s Fashion Row show!


 New Additions - Red short dress & denim jacket

New Additions - Midi PVC dress

"VS" midi dress

 New Additions - Long "VS" dress

The Finale

Bermuda's fashion scene has changed significantly and it's great to see that Bermudian design talent is being given an opportunity to be shown in a professional way. The show was great and I was honored to have taken the collection back to its roots. Blew my mind when M-SEW was announced as the overall winner to show in NYC!!!


Up next, New York Fashion Week.