Weekend getaway to Paris

Musee l'Homme

Last weekend I went across the border to France, Paris to be exact, for a girl’s weekend getaway from London.

The last time I visited Paris was ages ago. It was your classic high school group trip mainly locked in a coach and very touristy, which was ok, but didn’t do Paris justice.

How many ways can you say hello?

Our hotel was just down the road from the Eifel Tower along with la mussee l’homme (Museum of Man) – very intriguing if your into a scientific museum that is a bit off the grid. You can never forget the massiveness of the Eifel Tower yet every time be amazed at the sheer scale of the tower along with its surroundings.

Initially my friends sold the trip to me as a “party hard” type of weekend getaway but it ended up being more of an arts and food weekend – I’m not complaining!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the stay. Definitely going to visit again.