Making Waves in Berlin

First post of 2018 - time flies! Didn't forget to share this photo story with you all - got caught up with working on new exciting projects for M-SEW this year.
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Christmas Market with Hotel Elephant

M-SEW will be one of the designers/makers that will be taking part in the Christmas Market. It is a great opportunity to be able to buy some original and hand crafted items as gifts for friends, loved ones or you may find something for yourself!
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What's behind the M-SEW SOUND WAVES?

The 'Sound Waves' collection started solely focused on the concept of sound. With more exploration into the theme, the initial idea branched into sound waves – both audio and physical. View full article →

Bermuda Fashion Festival 2015

The fashion festival has been going for seven years with the City of Hamilton. July 2015, M-SEW entered into the Bermuda Fashion Festival with the Cup Match Runnings collection. Just so happened that this time one of the designers would be chosen to show in New York Fashion Week as one of the designers for the Harlem’s Fashion Row show! View full article →

M-SEW is going to New York Fashion Week 2015

SS15 collection going to NY Fashion Week 2015M-SEW will be showcasing the SS15 collection at the New York Fashion Week 2015. This was the result of winning the Bermuda Fashion Festival 2015 Local Designer show.
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Fashion Festival Bermuda

It's official! M-SEW will be taking part in this years Fashion Festival, Bermuda. Looking forward to taking part!

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Showtime at the Union club, Soho LDN

Last week M-SEW showed at Space Events London's first fashion event at the Union Club in Soho, London. The aim of the event was to provide emerging fashion talent the opportunity to showcase their work to an elite crowd in London. As one of six, it was a privilege to be part of Space Events London's first fashion event!
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VI: Style your M-SEW

Lately there's been a buzz around the 70s look for this Spring/Summer season that's around the corner - finally (yay!). Be it with flared leg trousers or a psychedelic colour palette and in some cases, jumpsuits. Everyone should have a good jumpsuit, why not a metallic leather one? View full article →

V: Style your M-SEW

Whilst doing this Style your M-SEW shoot, we stumbled across a construction site. The grey version of the orange leather trousers from the AW14 collection just happened to match the scenery. 
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IV: Style your M-SEW

So before the M-SEW SS15 collection comes into the online store, I've decided to have a re-cap of AW14 with a Style your M-SEW session. First up is a stunning selection, the grey neoprene coat.
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