Making Waves in Berlin

First post of 2018 - time flies! Didn't forget to share this photo story with you all - got caught up with working on new exciting projects for M-SEW this year.
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VI: Style your M-SEW

Lately there's been a buzz around the 70s look for this Spring/Summer season that's around the corner - finally (yay!). Be it with flared leg trousers or a psychedelic colour palette and in some cases, jumpsuits. Everyone should have a good jumpsuit, why not a metallic leather one? View full article →

V: Style your M-SEW

Whilst doing this Style your M-SEW shoot, we stumbled across a construction site. The grey version of the orange leather trousers from the AW14 collection just happened to match the scenery. 
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IV: Style your M-SEW

So before the M-SEW SS15 collection comes into the online store, I've decided to have a re-cap of AW14 with a Style your M-SEW session. First up is a stunning selection, the grey neoprene coat.
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III: Style your M-SEW

The newest addition to M-SEW is the long tail/moongate badge sweatshirt based on the badges featured in the SS15 Cup Match Runnings collection. Once more, Perri has put together two stylish looks with the M-SEW sweatshirt!
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II: Style your M-SEW

Orange is a bold colour, it's definitely one that pops! The orange trench coat, with added volume in the body - featured in the M-SEW AW14 collection - is one of those key pop pieces to have. I'm sure that one would want to play around with the original styled look a bit. But how would you go about it? View full article →

I : Style your M-SEW

M-SEW Arrow shirt AW14
Looking at the M-SEW AW14 collection lookbook, the looks are wearable as they are yet if each piece was styled with something different the result will be equally stunning! So if you had M-SEW in your wardrobe, how would you wear it?
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