Making Waves in Berlin

First post of 2018 - time flies! Didn't forget to share this photo story with you all - got caught up with working on new exciting projects for M-SEW this year.
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Going with the flow

Going with the flow
Little Venice, Regent's Canal... heard of them but never went. Till now, what a different view of London! The residents that live on the Canal in riverboats adorn the first half of the path with plants and oddities - quite surreal reminding me of Alice in Wonderland. Continue down the walk towards Camden Town and you’ll pass by the London Zoo. View full article →

Unexpected Harmony

Many contrasts existing side by side: dated vs contemporary, organic vs man made, fluid against rigid.

So when it came to searching for locations for the recent blog shoots I stumbled across this scenery of two different building styles...

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Spring has Sprung

So spring is supposedly here I guess. The suns out sometimes yet it's still freezing. Quite the confusion during this season.

For this editorial we went for an "ode to spring" amongst the harsh construct of the Barbican's walls, adding softness with the SOUND WAVES collection.

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All in the mix

Beautiful pastel coloured cobbled Mews and tucked away murals, a perfect background for a photo shoot. This time we opted for three look: two layered and one with pieces from the "SOUND WAVES" collection. Read more...

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New blue jeans

Upgrade your classic denim washes for a printed version of a classic cut – high waisted flares – with M-SEW’s marble screen-printed jeans from the SOUND WAVES collection. View full article →

Weekend getaway to Paris

Last weekend I went across the border to France, Paris to be exact, for a girl’s weekend getaway from London.

The last time I visited Paris was ages ago.

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VI: Style your M-SEW

Lately there's been a buzz around the 70s look for this Spring/Summer season that's around the corner - finally (yay!). Be it with flared leg trousers or a psychedelic colour palette and in some cases, jumpsuits. Everyone should have a good jumpsuit, why not a metallic leather one? View full article →

V: Style your M-SEW

Whilst doing this Style your M-SEW shoot, we stumbled across a construction site. The grey version of the orange leather trousers from the AW14 collection just happened to match the scenery. 
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IV: Style your M-SEW

So before the M-SEW SS15 collection comes into the online store, I've decided to have a re-cap of AW14 with a Style your M-SEW session. First up is a stunning selection, the grey neoprene coat.
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