Christmas Market with Hotel Elephant

M-SEW will be one of the designers/makers that will be taking part in the Christmas Market. It is a great opportunity to be able to buy some original and hand crafted items as gifts for friends, loved ones or you may find something for yourself!
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It's the BASE

BASE - in this case short for BASICS.

The M-SEW sweatshirt is the first "Base" item that is now available online via the M-SEW shop!

Long tail Moon gate sweatshirt detail shot

M-SEW Base - The basic M-SEW additions for your look!


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Longtail Moongate badge screen printed sweatshirt

III: Style your M-SEW

The newest addition to M-SEW is the long tail/moongate badge sweatshirt based on the badges featured in the SS15 Cup Match Runnings collection. Once more, Perri has put together two stylish looks with the M-SEW sweatshirt!
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November 16, 2014

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I know where my clothes came from. Do you?

M-SEW sweatshirtWhen going about getting the previous M-SEW collections done, I enjoyed the fact that I could talk and interact with the people who manufactured the M-SEW... View full article →