What's behind the M-SEW SOUND WAVES?

M-SEW's latest collection goes back to Meagan's island roots and her own personal life influences whilst growing up in Bermuda.

The 'Sound Waves' collection started solely focused on the concept of sound. With more exploration into the theme, the initial idea branched into sound waves – both audio and physical.

Natural sound waves and swimwearFor the physical aesthetic, Meagan turned to look at sound waves from a natural point of view and incorporated a marbling print in order to mimic the ocean, which evokes a ”sensual warmth of island life". The focus on nautical waves went further into swimwear resulting in the swimwear features on the tops within the collection.

Audio sound waves - Jamaican sound system

Audio sound waves are then introduced with the Jamaican sound systems, especially the style aesthetics of the people involved in the subculture. A strong influence of the 70's/80's style is represented in the Sound Waves collection and features bright and bold colours such as mustard yellow and electric blue.

The collection has many individual pieces that can be interchanged with each other, creating different looks for various occasions. What are some options? How would you wear the M-SEW Sound Waves collection? Not to worry, we’ll show you how.

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