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Cup Match Runnings Collection

Cup Match is Bermuda’s annual two day holiday that revolves around a cricket match between the East (St. George's) and West (Somerset) end of the island--Bermuda. This is a significant summer holiday which is becoming the island's "carnival" and now has activities which last a whole week. One final thing to note is the use of the traditional team colours within the collection: Somerset is red and blue; St. George's is navy blue and light blue. Enjoy a piece of Bermuda culture in style!  


Unexpected Harmony

May 14, 2017

Many contrasts existing side by side: dated vs contemporary, organic vs man made, fluid against rigid.

So when it came to searching for locations for the recent blog shoots I stumbled across this scenery of two different building styles...

Spring has Sprung

May 01, 2017

So spring is supposedly here I guess. The suns out sometimes yet it's still freezing. Quite the confusion during this season.

For this editorial we went for an "ode to spring" amongst the harsh construct of the Barbican's walls, adding softness with the SOUND WAVES collection.

All in the mix

April 23, 2017

Beautiful pastel coloured cobbled Mews and tucked away murals, a perfect background for a photo shoot. This time we opted for three look: two layered and one with pieces from the "SOUND WAVES" collection. Read more...


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